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Halo Reach action figure adventures episode 1

Halo Reach action figure adventures episode 1

Pilot Episode

Episode 1 starts out with Noble 6, Jorge, and Emile uniting, then an unknown source drops a Warthog off for them. They take it and go explore more of the house. Noble 6 takes them to a night area and Jorge say that they're going into Emile's mom's vagina. Noble 6 then takes them into another room where there is an xbox. They get on the bed and Noble 6 reminds Emile to keep watch. Emile shoots the power button, turning on the xbox. Noble 6 plays Halo: Reach's campaign for awhile, then Emile turns off the xbox and Noble 6 says it's time for them to go to bed. They say they're tired and they get back into the warthog. They get back into the room where they started at and they get onto a bed. The figures say goodnight to each other and they get under a blanket and go to sleep. An unseen figure (The Elite Minor Spike, shows up in episode 3) puts the warthog back into its box and goes back into hiding.
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